Oak fiddle bow bread knife & board set


The JonoKnife & board set in Oak wood. You can now own the best bread knife with its accompanying breadboard at a discounted price!  See the set in action in our video!

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We now offer the JonoKnife with the JonoKnife breadboard as a set. This will save you 5% on the total price if bought individually. The set includes the following:
– 1 x JonoKnife fiddle bow knife
– 1 x JonoKnife breadboard
– 1 x magnetic blade guard*
*Note: It is not necessary to fix the magnetic blade guard to your knife if storing the knife on the board. It comes included just in case you would like to store the knife separately.

The JonoKnife fiddle bow knife, in both our variations of size, is designed to cut all types of bread with the ease and precision of no other knife. For more information and to see a video of the JonoKnife in action click here…

The JonoKnife breadboard features the following…

  • The “Crust-buster” groove helps to cut through the toughest bottom crusts.
  • The knife latch provides a safe and convenient means to store your JonoKnife with your breadboard.
  • The finger grip hold makes for easy carrying or hanging up of your board and knife set.
  • The rubber feet on the underside keep the board sturdily in place on your work surface while slicing.

For more information and to see a video of the JonoKnife breadboard in action click here…

The original size JonoKnife is designed to cut bread up to 20cm wide. Furthermore, its stainless steel blade makes it pretty multi-functional as it works very well on various fruit, veg and cheese too!

The XL is the extra-long JonoKnife model, cutting bread up to 30cm wide. It is a favourite among serious bread bakers, professionals and regular folks who like large loaves of bread, such as big sourdough boules. The XL comes with a carbon steel blade. The carbon steel blade will last longer than the original size stainless steel blade, especially if used for hard, crusty sourdough. Being carbon steel, It should preferably not be used on food other than bread to help keep the blade rust free. If you don’t cut hard crusty sourdough loaves wider than 20cm, then consider the more versatile Original size stainless steel blade JonoKnife.

When handcrafting the JonoKnife bread saw, we go the extra mile to round off and sand all sides, edges and curves of the entire wooden bow and handle to a furniture grade finish. The result is an extra stylish and ergonomic design. As the JonoKnife can cut bread slices up to 3cm thick, it is also very effective in equally parting things like burger buns, bagels and croissants. The knife and breadboard are finished with food-safe Danish Oil, yielding a beautiful finish protected for use in the busiest of kitchens.

Original JonoKnife specifications

Overall knife length: 40cm.
Overall blade length: 27.3cm.
Effective cutting length: 20cm.
Maximum slice thickness: 3cm.
Minimum slice thickness: 0.1cm.

XL JonoKnife specifications

Overall knife length: 50cm.
Overall blade length: 37.3cm.
Effective cutting length: 30cm.
Maximum slice thickness: 3cm.
Minimum slice thickness: 0.1cm.

Breadboard specifications

Length: 42cm.
Width: 18cm.
Board Thickness: 2cm.
Total thickness (bottom of board to the top of latch): 4.6cm.

American white oak is more variable in colour than European Oak, ranging from pale yellow-brown to pale reddish-brown, often with a pinkish tint.

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 18 × 4.6 cm

Left handed, Right handed

Knife Size

Original, XL

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