Beech breadboard for JonoKnife


Made especially for your JonoKnife, the JonoKnife breadboard offers a complete bread slicing and knife storage solution. It helps to slice through tough bottom crusts, it serves as a storage means for your JonoKnife and makes for easy carrying and hanging up of your knife and board as a set. See it in action in our video!


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NEW!! Launched 4 December – just in time for Christmas! Introducing the JonoKnife breadboard. Made especially for your JonoKnife, it offers a complete bread slicing and knife storage solution. See it in action in our video!

The JonoKnife breadboard features the following…

  • The “Crust-buster” groove helps to cut through the toughest bottom crusts.
  • The knife latch provides a safe and convenient means to store your JonoKnife with your breadboard.
  • The finger grip hold makes for easy carrying or hanging up of your board and knife set.
  • The rubber feet on the underside keep the board sturdily in place on your work surface while slicing.

The crust-buster groove works by allowing the blade to pass one centimetre below the bottom crust. This enables the blade to meet the bottom crust at an angle – far better for tackling thick crust. The groove also helps to avoid needless scouring of the board top surface.

In true JonoKnife fashion the board is not just functional but beautiful too. Its sanded to a furniture grade finish and sealed with food safe mineral oil.

The board is compatible with the Original (made since May 2017) and extra-large size JonoKnife models. That is any JonoKnife where the total blade length is either 273mm, 275mm or 373mm long.

NOTE: Be sure to order the correct handed breadboard for your JonoKnife. If for example, you have a right-handed JonoKnife, then you must order a right-handed breadboard. This is necessary to achieve a downward facing blade to facilitate safe storage. Never store a right-handed knife on a left-handed board and visa-versa.

Product specifications
– 420mm long
– 180mm wide
– 20mm board thickness
– 46mm total thickness (bottom of board to top of latch)

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 18 × 2 cm

Left handed, Right handed

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