Walnut fiddle bow bread knife bread saw


Britain’s finest handcrafted fiddle bow bread knife made from American Black Walnut wood


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Black Walnut ranges from lighter pale brown to dark chocolate brown in colour. We use Walnut sourced from North America.

When handcrafting our JonoKnife fiddle bow knives we go the extra mile to round off and sand the edges of the bow and the handle section. The result is an extra stylish and ergonomic design. The knife is finished with three coats of Danish Oil yielding a beautiful finish protected for use in the busiest of kitchens.

The JonoKnife uses a Sheffield made double-beveled blade which is only 0.4mm thick . That is about 6 times thinner than a conventional bread knife thereby accomplishing superb slicing performance. They come in a reusable hard plastic-backed sheath that can be used to safely store the knife in a drawer. Some prefer to hang the knife up or show it off on their breadboard.

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