Magnetic blade guard


The magnetic blade guard helps with the safe and easy storage of your JonoKnife.

NOTE: If you purchase a new JonoKnife it will come with the correct magnetic blade guard already fitted included in the price. No need to order a guard separately.

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As from January 2020 all JonoKnifes ordered come standard with the magnetic blade guard included. If you are buying a knife, you do not need to purchase an extra magnetic blade guard too. The magnetic blade guard replaces the clear plastic wallet style protective sheath / package that used to ship with the JonoKnife. The magnetic guard is smaller, easier to use, longer lasting and more environmentally friendly.

Blade size options
Over time we have used various blade suppliers for different JonoKnife models. Choose your magnetic blade guard based on the dimensions of your JonoKnife blade (See “Blade dimensions guide” photo above for older models.)

Magnetic blade guard instructions
– Install magnetic guard on blade when storing knife.
– Ensure the L shape lip of the guard faces down to cover the teeth.
– Ensure blade is dry before installing magnetic guard.

Additional information

Blade size

Standard (Wide) (L 273 x W 13) (Knives bought since Aug 2018), Standard (Narrow) (L 275 x W 11) (Knives bought May 2017 – Sep 2018), Short (L 245 x W 10) (Knives bought Aug 2015 – Apr 2017), Extra long (L 373 x W 13) ("XL" engraved on handle)


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