A Chef reviews our unique Artisan bread knife: “Can’t really recommend it enough”.

by Apr 4, 2022

Andrianos Poulis is a London Sous Chef, resident at Cornerstone Hackney.

Sourdough is for life (not just quarantine) and having the best tools, makes it a lot easier to enjoy it.
Big ups to @jonoknife for sending me their XL Bread knife to try it out and for the craftsmanship of it all.

Andrianos Poulis

What do you make of JonoKnife? Britain’s best bread knife?

Honestly, when I first came across that knife I was a bit sceptical but after giving it a shot I was really impressed with the engineering and ease of use. If you are into bread or baking and you are in the market for a bread knife that’s the One! Can’t really recommend it enough.

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Events: Lifestyle 2022 Magazine piece.

Events: Lifestyle 2022 Magazine piece.

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Women Talking interviews our bread knife maker, Jono!

Women Talking interviews our bread knife maker, Jono!

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