XL Zebrano fiddle bow bread knife bread saw


Britain’s finest handcrafted extra long Appalachian mountains fiddle bow bread knife. Magnetic blade guard included. Made from Zebrano wood.


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Zebrano wood is pale golden yellow with narrow streaks of dark brown to black running through it. We use Zebrano sourced from Africa.

The XL is the extra long JonoKnife model. It is designed to cut all types of bread up to 30cm wide with the ease and precision of no other knife. It is a favourite among serious bread bakers, professionals and regular folks who like large loaves of bread, such as big sourdough boules. The XL comes with a carbon steel blade. This blade will last a little longer than the original size stainless steel blade but should preferably not be used on food other than bread to help keep the blade rust free.

All JonoKnife models come with a specially designed magnetic blade guard. The guard helps to store the knife safely. Some store their XL JonoKnife in a large drawer, some hang it up, but many like to keep it on the kitchen counter or breadboard close at hand where it can be shown off all day!

When handcrafting the JonoKnife bread saw, we go the extra mile to round off and sand all sides, edges and curves of the entire wooden bow and handle to a furniture grade finish. The result is an extra stylish and ergonomic design. The knife is finished with three coats of Danish Oil yielding a beautiful finish protected for use in the busiest of kitchens.

XL JonoKnife dimensions
Overall knife length: 50cm.
Overall blade length: 37.3cm.
Effective cutting length: 30cm.
Maximum slice thickness: 3cm.

As the XL JonoKnife can cut bread slices up to 3cm thick, it is also very effective in equally parting things like burger buns, bagels and croissants.

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