Use a more gentle grip

to hold the handle than used for a conventional breadknife. Make sure the handle is level and not tilting down to the left of right before you cut. Slice with long forward and backward strokes. Apply minimal downward pressure, especially when cutting bread straight from the oven!
The JonoKnife is available with a number of different blade protection devices. These devices should be used when the knife is not in use and put into storage.  Depending on when you purchased your knife you would have received one of our various protection devices as standard with your JonoKnife.  A list of the various mechanisms follows with a short instruction on the correct use of each;

  • Reusable plastic sheath: Ensure the knife is inserted into the plastic knife sheath with the teeth contacting the hard plastic insert. The hard plastic insert prevents the teeth from cutting through the softer outer sheath.
  • Clip-closed hinged plastic blade guard: The teeth of the blade should contact the hinge side of the guard with the clip side of the guard closed at the back of the blade.
  • Magnetic blade guard: The teeth should contact the “J-shaped” bottom lip of the plastic portion of the guard.
Caring for the wood
Wipe wooden parts clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using detergents to allow for maximum life span of wood sealant. Do not wash in a dishwasher. If the wood dulls over time apply a coat of food-safe natural oil and wax sealant. Small sachets of wood sealant are available from us.
Caring for the blade
In use with most varieties of bread the blade will remain clean so should not need any cleaning. If, however gooey bread does stick to the blade or other wet foods are cut then clean the blade with a thick damp cloth or cleaning pad. Use washing detergent if necessary. Dry a wet blade off immediately after cleaning with a thick dry cloth. Always approach the blade from the back edge as to never exert force towards the teeth. The blade cannot be sharpened but should stay sharp for life (about 200 hours of cutting on regular bread.) If anything should happen to your blade replacement blades are available from us.