Unfold the Roller-guide

so it rests evenly on the work surface. Hold bread securely on cutting board. Hold knife with a looser grip than used for a conventional breadknife to better feel the anti-tilt effect of the roller-guide. Extend index finger along handle for increased control.

Cut with long strokes

Apply minimal downward pressure as the blade is super sharp! Pay attention to the roller-guide – ensure that it rolls unobstructed to and fro on the work surface and does not lift to the left or right in order to cut a perfectly even slice of bread.

To use freehand

Detach the roller-guide by removing the ‘R-clip’ from the swing arm with your fingers. Replace the clip in the hole to avoid losing it. After freehand slicing, reattach the roller-guide from the same side the blade is mounted on as the knife is balanced to work that way.
When the knife is not in use attach the magnetised blade guard. Attach the guard to the blade from the side of the blade with the “J” shape at the bottom to cover the teeth. Remove guard by pulling it downwards away from the teeth. When cleaning the blade use a thick cloth or cleaning pad. Always approach the blade from the back edge as to never exert force towards the teeth.
Caring for the wood
Wipe wooden parts clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using detergents to allow for maximum life span of wood sealant. Do not wash in a dishwasher. If the wood dulls over time apply a coat of food-safe natural oil and wax sealant. Small sachets of wood sealant are available from us.
Caring for the blade

Clean the blade with a thick damp cloth or cleaning pad. Use washing detergent if necessary. Dry a wet blade off with a thick dry cloth after cleaning. As per safety instruction always approach the blade from the back edge as to never exert force towards the teeth. The blade cannot be sharpened but should stay sharp for life (about 200 hours of continuous use.) If anything should happen to your blade replacement blades are available from us.
The blade comes in two varieties: high carbon steel and stainless steel. High carbon steel blades will rust/tarnish if left wet – to restore your blade to a shiny finish use any metal polish with a think cleaning pad.